Is The Mick Man Ready To Deliver?

In the latest episode of "Do Barstool Employees Realize What The Fuck Is About To Happen To Them?", Coley Mick joins The Podfathers this week to discuss the upcoming birth of his daughter. Is he prepared for #GirlDad life or just dad life in general? He seems to think so. 

Hopefully the Mick Man is not only ready but has his Go Bag packed because Willie Colon's baby was born the day after he appeared on the pod, which makes Large and I the greatest inducers this side of spicy food, spicy sex, and twisting your wife's nipples.

*Pauses during PTSD flashback* 

We also talk about Willie's newfound fatherhood, birthday parties at Target, obligatory vasectomies for 50 year olds in Alabama, a couple of mailbag questions, and try to figure out who are the assholes on Reddit.

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