Hard Factor 2/13: China Expert Donnie Does Joins For Coronavirus Update, Soft Corner: Atlanta Fire Chief, Roger Stone Gets Pardon (More Or Less)

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor: 

-Donnie Does aka The Wonton Don joins to give us the scoop of how the Coronavirus is effecting mainland China. Donnie was outside of China when the virus broke and is now stuck in NYC for the foreseeable future. 

-Roger Stone more-or-less-pretty-much-in-so-many-words got a Presidential Pardon this week. Attorney General Bill Barr stepped to reduce Stone's sentence to something laughable short TBD, overturning prosecutor's decisions, all of whom subsequently quit in protest. Trump beat his chest in victory saying of the prosecutors "They should go back to school and learn because let me tell you, the way they treated people, no one should be treated that way." A convenient suggestion because after quitting their jobs they probably have some extra time on their hands. 

Soft Corner x2:
 -Atlanta Fire Rescue Fire Chief Randall Slaughter filed a complaint against HERO Capt. Daniel Dwyer resulting in Dwyer being suspended from the force without pay. The reason for the complaint? In June of last year Captain Dwyer fearlessly ran into a fully burning home to pull out a 95 year old woman that was trapped inside and apparently broke protocol by entering the building without his crew who were still in the process of getting ready by the time Dwyer had pulled out the stranded woman. This King got punished for having balls too big and doing his job too well. 

-The soft-ass administration at Valley Forge Elementary called the police on a six year old girl with down syndrome because she made a gun with her hand and pointed it at her teacher. 

-We answer some listener voicemails  

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