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Kirk Minihane Sells Out Wilbur Theater in Three Minutes [UPDATE: MINIHANE JUST SOLD OUT A SECOND SHOW IN 6 MINUTES]

Yesterday was the first day Kirk Minihane's legion of followers could purchase tickets to his upcoming June 20 live show at Boston's Wilbur Theater. And if a Minifan waited for even 5 minutes to buy some, then they were shit out of luck. All 1,100 tickets were purchased almost instantly. But because Minihane is a fucking content machine who gives and gives until it hurts, he's adding a second late show that night. So today at 12:00 pm EST, tickets will go on sale for the second show. He's only hinted at what the live shows will entail, but today on the show he demanded that two Minifans successfully conceive a child on stage as he's performing and that's only the second or third craziest of his ideas.  

UPDATE: We added a late show for the same evening. Tickets went live at 12:00 and sold out by 12:06.