Hard Factor 2/7: FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY!! Monkey Herpes Expert Joins The Show, Bags of Drugs, Taser Breaker Upper, The Geriatric Corner, & The Gators Fight Back Against Pythons


On today's show.....we have an exclusive interview with Dr. Steve Johnson, a tenured professor at the University of Florida in the Dept. of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation.  Dr. Johnson joins us to talk about the invasive Rhesus Macaques that are plaguing Silver Springs, Florida.  These little bastards have long fangs and are carrying Herpes B, which if transferred to humans can be fatal.  

Lightning Round:

- A woman tases her husband when he asks for a divorce

- Two idiots are caught with a shit ton of drugs in the car, which is par for the course in Florida, but how they labeled the bag of drugs has everything shaking their heads.

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- A video of a gator eating a python, has the whole state hopeful that the natural guardian of the Everglades will soon come to the rescue and save its habitat from the slithering bastards.

- A 47 year old Florida man killed a 95 year old Florida man because they were dating the same woman, saying it was his life's goal to off the geriatric competitor. 

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