Hard Factor 2/6: Impeachment Acquittal after Odd SOTU, Iowa is a Mess, PETA and Meth-Heads in the SOFT CORNER

On today's episode...

- President Trump is acquitted by the Senate in his Impeachment trial, and it may not be the last time we see this during his administration. The guys discuss how it played out after a wild SOTU address the night before, and what the hell Mitt Romney is doing?

- PETA is back in the Soft Corner for asking you to call your pet a "companion" instead of a pet, since pet implies ownership and could hurt feelings...

- The Coronavirus is spreading quickly in China, and the globe is hoping they can lock it down

- The DNC absolutely bungled Iowa; we discuss what's going on there and how it sets things up in New Hampshire for PredcitIt BETTING MARKETS

- An insane woman and her meth using friends are in the Soft Corner for creating the house from hell for one little girl

- Is a lion cub being raised by a baboon in South Africa a good thing, or a TERRIBLE thing, you decide!

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