What Do You Do If Your Kid Is An Asshole?

We get asked a whole bunch of great questions by our #podfam on The Podfathers (that you can submit via the internet, Twitter, Instagram, or podfathersshow at gmail dot com). One of the questions we received this week was one of my favorites ever because of how real it is. 

Look, every kid, no matter how good they are, is going to be an asshole sooner or later. Their asshole phase may last minutes, days, months, or years. As someone that has a kid some would say is *thinks of a nice word to describe my son* difficult, I feel I have a good insight on this.

The biggest thing is you cannot give up on your kid no matter how bad they are. They may be have been an asshole for pretty much their entire life. But like the asshole in middle school who somehow became your best friend during high school, there is no reason to believe they can't change for the better (or worse to be honest). Just don't leave them in a dumpster because we are officially the first ever Anti Dumpster Baby Podcast in the world after hearing Tommy Davidson's story.

Also on this weeks episode we also delve into a myriad of topics like Joe Biden smooching his 19-year-old granddaughter on the lips, colleges teaching Adulting classes, and the joys of being a #GirlDad that goes to Daddy Daughter Dances.

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