Spin Zone: Dom Toretto Does Not Care About Family

They same "family" dozens of times in the Fast & Furious franchise...

If you add in the full 'Fate of the Furious' movie, that number might even eclipse 50 times spoken! It's all Dom Toretto fucking talks about. Everything is about family, his brothers, never turning his back on the people who mean the most to him. Now, all of a sudden, we learn this...

Mia looks just as shocked/angry as Dom, which makes sense since she is also Jakob (it should be pronounced "Yak-ub") sibling apparently.

Why has Dom ever mentioned Jakob? While Jakob is a man of crime, isn't that the life Dom comes from?

My theory is that Dom, no matter how he presents it in this movie, is just a shit brother. Never turning your back on family means you stick with them through thick and thin. It seems as though Dom (and Mia) has completely forgotten about John Cena Toretto in the process of these nine movies and 20 years. Disgusting if you ask me.

I'm already Team Jakob.

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