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Introducing The Greatest Hangover Cure Of All Time

I get really hungover.  I think it's because I still act like a 22 year old asshole on weekends, but have the body of a 31 year old internet blogger/CFO.  Anyone who doesn't have a rabid amphetamine addiction knows that once you hit the late 20s in age, your body just can't hold up like it used to.  

Everyone has their own hangover coping mechanisms, too.  Some people sleep all day.  Others pound Advil like skittles while pairing it with Pedialyte.  Me?  I wake up, drop a rat, turn off the lights in my bathroom, and turn the shower as hot as I can handle it.  

The next part is what's key: you lay down in the shower and take a nap.  Now I live in a mid-rise and fortunately have access to unlimited hot water.  After 30-40 mins of curled up in the fetal position with the rain falling down on me like I'm Andy Dufresne, I'll get out, dry off, throw on sweats, order an 18" pizza and lay down on the couch for the next 12 hours or so.  Maybe I'll fall in and out of sleep during that time?  I don't know.  I don't know if I'll have enough time.  

Boom.  Hangover cured.  Ready to sling some money around at work come Monday morning.  

The rest of the crew, per usual, was giving me shit about this.  Looky looky, I got Hooky fuckwads - the shower nap even has its own Urban Dictionary definition:

Shower nap: The act of lying on the floor of a shower, lights off, drifting into sleep. Often, a towelcan be used as a water soluble blanket.

Example: "Dude, you were in the shower for twenty minutes!"
"I know dude, quick shower nap!"

Look assholes, I have my hangover cure and you have yours.  Chief even said he used to bring a chair into the shower to sit on while letting the rain fall on him.  Do I judge him for that?  Absolutely fucking not.  Because that's what works for him.  

I told them not to knock my method until they try it, and believe me it's magical.  Do yourself and give it a shot this weekend and then send me a tweet thanking me for introducing you to the shower nap.  

ONCE AGAIN - follow these very specific instructions and do the following:

Oh we also talked about sports in this episode.  I swear to you we did.