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Hard Factor 1/28: Senate Impeachment Trial Rocked By Bolton, Serial Parking Lot Defecator Arrested, Elephants Run Wild In Russian City, The Deadliest Prison In The US

On today’s episode…

Senate Impeachment Update: Bolton, Romney 

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton Delivers Keynote Address At CSIS Forum

- The big news here is that Lorax fanboy, and former National Security Advisor John Bolton has come out recently and pretty much said there was quid pro quo, and it’s causing a stir. Now the odds that witnesses will be called and this trial will be extended have gone up to about a coin flip, as handsome Mitt Romney has said publicly that he’s leaning on voting yes to witnesses.

Lightning Round

- Serial parking lot pooping woman has been arrested. Her reign of brown terror in a Natick Massachusetts parking lot has ended

- Two elephants escaped the circus and ran amok in a Russian city

- Hunter Biden has finally agreed to pay child support for his biological child, which is nice of him since the kid’s 18 months old

- Nine people have died already this month inside Mississippi State Penitentiary

- Brief coronavirus panic update

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