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Hard Factor 1/21: Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial Begins, Woman Tests Faith In God By Driving Into Oncoming Traffic, New Cancer Cure But Also New Epidemic

On today’s episode…

Senate Begins Pre-Trial Impeachment Proceedings

– The Senate Impeachment trial for President Trump begins at 1pm today and expect it to be on your tv and web browser a lot the next week and a half
– There might be a new “one size fits all” cure for all types of cancer which is good, but there is a new epidemic in Asia spread by human contact which is bad
– A woman wanted to test God and her faith by driving her car into an oncoming car. Amazingly she came out without a scratch, unlike the victims in the other car, and now she has more faith than ever
– Someone stole 92 bee hives from an orchard, and the orchard owner expects it was an expert bee handler because it’s hard to steal bee hives and survive
– Drinking fatty milk like 2% or higher can significantly increase aging according to a study of baby faced assholes that don’t know how to enjoy eating cookies
– Malaysia is sick of being the dumping ground for other countries and is ordering trash be sent back to multiple countries including the US, UK and Canada

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