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PMT: Super Bowl 54 Is Set, Chiefs vs Niners + Trevor Bauer On Astros Cheating Scandal And More

- Fastest 2 minutes from Championship Sunday (2:27 – 6:12).

– Chiefs offense was too much for the Titans and Andy Reid is going on a diet (6:17 – 24:28).

– The Packers got smoked by the Niners, Jimmy G threw 8 passes and running the football is back (24:28 – 39:48).

– Who’s back of the week including Conor McGregor and his 40 second knockout as well as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (39:41 – 52:21).

– PR 101 for Baker Mayfield.

– Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer joins us in studio to talk about the Astros cheating scandal, whether or not he’s a dick on twitter, experimenting on himself, and drones (52:21. – 92:50).