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Hard Factor 1/17: FLORIDA MAN FRIDAY!: The 'Python Bowl,' Leprosy And Armadillos, Squirrel Roommates, Drunk MMA Fighter

On today’s episode…


Close-Up Of Python On Field

- The ‘Python Bowl’ is currently taking place in Florida and it consists of 500 professional and amateur snake hunters competing to see who can catch the most snakes in the Everglades

- A Florida man was diagnosed with leprosy 30 years after handling armadillos as an armadillo hunter.  Armadillos are carriers of leprosy fyi

- A Florida man tried to get out of his DUI by offering the arresting officers free MMA lessons. He’s a 6’5″ 170lb professional fighter with a record of 0-2 one loss via tko/ko and one by submission

- There has been a large increase in ATM attacks in Tampa Florida.  Everyone’s trying to get inside the robot cash machine’s guts

- A family has had their home invaded by squirrels who now live with them and hang out on the couch

- A Florida man burned a 14 year old with a cigar in a late night Santeria religious ritual. He said he was possessed by a spirit

- A triple tale of Walmart woe in Florida

- A now ex-police officer took advantage and tried to get his father a free pair of slacks from Lou’s Police Supply Store. He tried to blame the mishap on a bad sharting of his own pants, either way things got messy

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