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Kirk Minihane Murders His Producer

If you were on Twitter yesterday, you may have watched along as Kirk Minihane put his life on the line, trying to enter the Red Sox press conference at Fenway Park. While thousands viewed this from the edge of their seats, one man (KMS Producer Steve Robinson) deemed it unworthy of his time. Moments into today's episode, we learn that Robinson had zero (0) audio of Kirk's heroic attempt to question the tyrannical Red Sox ownership. 

Barstool's own Big Cat calls in to say he would fire a producer from Pardon My Take for this type of offense. Disgraced Boston shock jock Gerry Callahan gives us an older generation's perspective on the blunder. And Kirk reaches out to Minifans and producers from across the country to hear their thoughts. Kirk and Blind Mike attempt to weigh in on the new Aaron Hernandez doc, Brad Williams' apology and a female James Bond. But the Robinson gaffe consumed all 2+ hours. Did Steve learn a valuable lesson? Will he have a job tomorrow? Can Kirk's talent overcome this obstacle? These questions and more, answered on today's Kirk Minihane Show.