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Blind Mike Thought North Dakota Was in the Pacific Time Zone

We'll cut him some slack because it's been a few years since he could really see a map of America, but today Blind Mike revealed that he either doesn't know basic American geography or doesn't understand how timezones work. We were calling hardware stores in North Dakota to get their take on the Greta Gerwig Oscar snub and Andrew Yang's exclusion from the presidential debates, when Mike openly pondered what time it might be in North Dakota…

"They're not three hours behind? They're not West Coast time?" Mike asked. "They're out west aren't they?"

When Kirk Minihane told him how many miles North Dakota is from the west coast, his response only caused more confusion.

"OK, yeah, well what's the distance to Florida!?" he spat back. "No, assholes, how far is it to Miami?!"

Even Jacob, the cashier at Stanley Ace Hardware in Stanley, North Dakota, was taken aback by Mike's comments.

"That's not very educated," Jacob told us.

The fun starts at 2:15:00.