Hard Factor 1/7: Harvey Weinstein Is Fucked, Iran Offers Bounty On Trump's Head, Aliens Are Living Amongst Us, Man Trips Over Staples Bag & Becomes Millionaire & Epstein Definitely Didn't Kill Himself

 A Trip Over One of These Could Be Worth 3.64 Million Dollars

On Todays show..

- Update on just how fucked Harvey Weinstein is

- Update on Iran and their threats against us and President Trump’s head

- Bill Gates wants to tax himself more

- Epstein’s bed sheets and autopsy pics tell an interesting story

- Air BNB knows you are a psychopath

- Britain’s first person in space says Aliens live amongst us, probably, and other crazy space stuff

- Models are raising money for Australia with sexy nudes

- Bets with Predictit

- Man gets rich by falling in a Staples

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