Hard Factor 1/2: FIRST SHOW OF 2020!! The Pope Is Slapping Women, Clean Dog Piss, Australia Still On Fire, Killer Tumbleweeds, Very Drunk Brits & New Years Stories

2020 Been Good To You So Far?  Yea Us Neither..  

Close-Up Of Number Balloons Against Gray Background

On todays show it’s a Lightning Round of Topics to kick off 2020 correct, including….

- Killer Tumbleweeds, or a government cover up?

- The Pope is slapping women

- Inching closer to war with Iran

- Predictit Bets

- Hilarious New Years tales, and a very drunk Englishman

- Fake Native American scamming the government for contracts

- Woman tries to pass drug test with dog piss 

- Legal weed in Illinois 

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