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Breaking Down The College Football Playoff

What a weekend huh? So. Much. Football. (Oh and PS: Welcome to my Jordan Flu Game episode!)

In the very last episode of 2019, we break down the incredible game between Ohio State and Clemson…. and the incredible embarrassment of OU at the hands of Joe Burrow and LSU. We debate the biggest calls and ref controversies from the Fiesta, talk about how we can fix the OU problem moving forward and much more. And as always, we go through your hot takes.

We’ll be back with a new episode on Thursday. It will be uploaded a little later than normal because we will wait to record after all the New Years Six Bowls are over.



[0:00] Intro

[1:30] What a day of football!

[3:45] Ohio State – Clemson recap.

[7:50] The three calls that changed the game.

[19:00] Other issues for Ohio State outside of questionable calls by the refs.

[32:00] LSU – Oklahoma recap.

[37:20] How should we determine the CFP moving forward?

[42:15] This moment belongs to Joe Burrow.

[49:08] ESPN’s handling of the death of Carley McCord.

[53:00] First thoughts on the outcome of LSU – Clemson?

[55:00]: Five thoughts from the other bowl games that happened.

[1:05:45] Hot takes from the beautiful Roughnecks.