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Impeachment, School Shooting "Jokes", and Blind Mike's Epic Tweet - Kirk Minihane Show

Kirk Minihane is betting the impeachment of President Trump only bolsters his re-election odds, but what really drives him nuts are the quacks on both sides of the aisle talking about goat rodeos and comparing Nancy Pelosi to Pontius Pilate. Thankfully, Mike Francesa will soon return sanity to the country by getting into politics on his impossible-to-find Internet-only radio show. A conservative radio host in Colorado is off the air for good after he "joked" about wanting a "nice school shooting" so that there would be something to talk about other the political theater in Washington, D.C. Blind Mike may not know how many justices sit on the Supreme Court, but he's beaming with pride over the 1,000 retweets he got on his impeachment quip. Speaking of Mike, his sports betting pick of the week is the Bills over the Patriots.