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Hard Factor 12/17: Boeing Is More Evil Than Thought, Harvey Weinstein Is Milking HIs Walker & A Man Is Suing DNA Company That Incorrectly Said "You Are The Father"

Harvey Weinstein Says He’s A “Forgotten Man” As His Rape Case Looms 

Harvey Weinstein Returns To Court For A Bail Hearing

On today’s episode…Boeing’s death plane, the 737 Max, is officially grounded and will never fly or be produced again, and wait until you hear what they wanted to do instead…

Lightning Round

– Harvey Weinstein is milking his walker and says he is a “forgotten man” as his rape trial nears.

– A man who sprayed a whole can of aerosol freshener to disguise the cigarette smell blows his car up after lighting a cigarette inside that car

– Congress must pass new budget to avoid a government shutdown.  Be sure to check the market on Predictit.

– Deadly protests have erupted in India surrounding a new migrant citizenship law

– A father is suing a DNA paternity test company for incorrectly identifying him as the father of a little girl

– Will the Thursday Democratic debate happen or not and what is the real reason they might cancel it.

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