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Heisman Landslide + A Debate About "Name Programs"

Well folks, we have QUITE an episode for you today.

Even though there’s not a lot going on in the CFB world for the next week or so, we come out flying. We talk about Joe Burrow’s LANDSLIDE Heisman win, our trip to Army/Navy, the games we look forward to and have one of the biggest debates we’ve had all year: “Is Ole Miss a top 30 recognizable program in the country?”

Also – Was Coach O REALLY crying?

I’m so right it’s not even funny.

We will be having another UR LIVE on Wednesday from 1-3 ET. Get your takes in. Let the hate flow.

New episodes come out every Monday and Thursday.


[0:00] Intro

[4:45] Recap of the college football show at Army-Navy.

[9:20] Did Coach O cry during Joe Burrow’s Heisman speech or was it an act for recruiting?

[20:30] Naming the new most sensitive fanbase in America.


[34:15] Who had the best coaching hire of the offseason?

[36:45] A heated argument over whether or not Ole Miss is a “name program” in college football.

[47:00] Introducing a new segment: the two-minute drill.

[1:00:15] Hot takes from you, the beautiful roughnecks.

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