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Hard Factor 12/11: What The Fuck Wednesday!! Man Holds Staged Robbery To Propose, Pigeons With Cowboy Hats, Nerds Committing Murder, Drunk Raccoons & Child Prodigies

 One Idiot’s Attempt To Create An Unforgettable Proposal Goes Terribly Wrong (Link Below)

Man proposing to woman outdoors

On today’s episode…It’s What The Fuck Wednesday, with the most hilarious/fucked up fan submitted stories, including..

– Pigeons in Las Vegas are showing up with cowboy hats strapped to their heads

– A 9 year old child prodigy drops out of college like a loser

– A nerd who really wanted a particular domain name ends up with his friend getting murdered for trying to strong arm the domain owner

– A man orchestrates a fake robbery to propose to his girlfriend https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=4A6kgyBvaic&feature=emb_logo

– Impeachment update with Predictit bets

– A drunk raccoon stumbles around a Christmas village in Germany after drinking wine

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