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The Pats Sucked Last Night, the New England Sports Media Sucked Worse, and Kirk Robbed His Thai Prep School Roommate

The Pats sucked last night. Kirk Minihane was more interested in watching The Fugitive. According to Minihane, his old friend Tom Brady is done for. Blind Mike's a little more positive about the Pats' odds, which should be discouraging if you've been following his sports betting picks this season. The only thing Minihane did enjoy last night was listening to brainless sports media reporters try over and over again to get Bill Belichick to be someone other than Bill Belichick in the post-game press conference. Minihane also gets into Clint Eastwood's new movie Richard Jewell, all about the 1996 bombing at the Atlanta Olympics. He's excited to watch it -- even if the Daily Beast is warning people about the political implications of a movie that makes the FBI look bad. Also on today's show: Minihane wades into the fiery debate over whether the federal government should ban porn and tells a troubling story about his Thai prep school roommate.