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ZBT #222: Marine Sergeant's Coup Of Haitian Presidency Foiled By X-Ray Machines ft. Army Veteran & Jaguars Coach Sean Karpf

Gotdamn that’s a long title. Clean it up Bren make it shorter next time ya fuckin boot

ROUND 1: From wearing protection, to taking the rear with the gear, to going on looooong, sweaty humps, Military terms & sex phrases go together like 200 degree port-o-johns & wackin’ it.

ROUND 2: Why did a Marine Corps Sergeant go to Haiti with some boxes full of guns & ammo? To become the President there of course! Why else?!

ROUND 3: Three Coast Guard Crews from separate stations spent 16 hours of their Thanksgiving holiday looking for a kite surfer near Ocean City, New Jersey. The outcome was wavy with a side of gravy.

ROUND 4: Interview with Sean Karpf, an Army veteran & coach on the Jaguar’s strength & conditioning team

ROUND 5: The 2020 elections are fast-approaching & in preparation the military has released a reminder to active duty troops of what they can & cannot spout off about with their own political views.

ROUND 6: The Army/Navy game is next weekend & yesterday the uniforms came out. We know this because Cons would not stop bothering the group chat about it, so we’ll do a review & talk about the meaning behind some of the details on ‘em.