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Championship Weekend Preview + The CFP Committee's Conundrum


Conference titles are here and there are a couple of games that have biiiig time implications. We break down the Power 5 + Cincy/Memphis games, argue difference sides of Atlanta, look at the options for the committee and much more. There’s also some talk about our favorite Christmas TV shows and it goes COMPLETELY off the rails.

We also check in on the Dabo vs Finebaum feud.

What a time to be alive.

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[0:00] Intro

[4:00] The committee’s final rankings before championship weekend. Were they too hard on the SEC while giving the Big Ten too much credit?

[10:00] The coaching carousel is in FULL effect.

[21:30] Greg Schiano has returned to Rutgers and he took it as an opportunity to stick it to Tennessee’s fans.

[27:15] Did USC make the right move by retaining Clay Helton?


[28:15] Can Ohio State be anymore soft with their constant complaining about Chase Young being held?

[31:00] The possibility of Tua coming back to Alabama.

[38:20] Dabo Swinney continues to complain. Shocker!

[43:15] Brandon and Kayce are on different sides for the SEC Championship Game.

[53:20] Oklahoma – Baylor preview.

[56:50] Oregon – Utah preview.

[58:45] We do our best to preview Virginia – Clemson

[1:01:45] OSU – Wisconsin preview.

[1:02:25] If the winner of the AAC Championship plays Alabama, would they have a shot of taking down the Tide?

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