Former U.S. Senate Candidate and Civil Rights Attorney Threatens Kirk Minihane - Kirk Minihane Show

A former candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maine threatened Kirk Minihane after his sidekick Blind Mike interviewed his own mother over Thanksgiving about the long suspected Oedipal ties between the pair.

What the fuck does that even mean?

I'll attempt to summarize this little window into Kirk Minihane's world: There's a long running joke on the Kirk Minihane Show that Blind Mike is banging is mother because, well, have you seen her? She's a fox. Over Thanksgiving, Mike decided to do a Periscope interview with his babe mom in hopes of laying some of these incest rumors to rest.

Enter Cynthia Dill, former Maine State Lawmaker, former Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate, and current Portland area civil rights attorney. She's a total fame-seeker who thinks she can get her own podcast views into the double digits if she pokes Minihane.

Well, Mission Accomplished.

Dill published a podcast (a generous title for her 3-minute script read) in which she admonished Mike and Minihane for putting Mama Geary's… charm on display for all of Twitter. Ok, she's allowed to think Mike has "no redeeming value whatsoever" -- it's a common opinion at Barstool. But things took a dark twist when the failed politician invoked the name of a certain activist who has for years tormented Minihane.

"In large part thanks to Smugsy’s peacekeeping efforts, Bob Murchison has moved on to other causes but beware," she said. "Nature abhors a vacuum."

So let me back up a bit: Smugsy is Dill's alter-ego which she created just for Minihane. If you're not confused, you're not paying attention. There's a reason we call him the King of the Crazies.

Anyways, Dill (or is it Smugsy?) was clearly making some vague threat to reignite activist pressure against Minihane if he didn't punish Mike for interviewing his mom about their alleged incestuous relationship.

All of this is to say that part of today's 3-hour Kirk Minihane Show included an absurd rage-filled brawl between Minihane and a civil rights attorney who was pretending to be an imaginary character. (The fun starts at 31:45)