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Hard Factor 12/2: Cartel And Police Shootout Leaves 21 Dead, Booby Trapped House Gets Wrong Victim, Very Bad Santa

on today’s episode…

  •  A man is killed at the hand of his own booby trapped house
  • The cartel went cartel but this time Mexican authorities fought back and a gunfight ensued with at least 21 casualties

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  • A 15 year long Santa gets fired from mall for taking pictures with friends outside of work

Bad Santa PM

  • Danielle Stella a GOP opponent of Ilhan Omar has been banned from twitter for tweeting about Omar potentially being hanged
  • A terrorist stabbed several people on the London Bridge
  • A huge black hole was discovered in our solar system and it’s several times bigger than scientists believed stellar black holes could be
  • Sex teacher in Texas gets off with slap on wrist after blaming all the student sex on her drinking problem
  • The Australian state of New South Wales is rolling out cameras “high definition detection cameras” designed to catch drivers who are texting while driving

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