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Rivalry Week Preview + The Great Thanksgiving Debate Of 2019


We dropped the episode a day early for your Thanksgiving travel! You’re all welcome.

Rivalry week is not only the best week of CFB, it’s also stacked with implications this year. We break down all the biggest games and what it means for the playoff. We also rev up the Hate Machine, decide which fan bases dislike each other the most, talk under the radar games and much, much more.

And of course debate the biggest rivalry of the week: Turkey vs Ham.

I’m right, he’s wrong. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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[0:00] Intro

[7:18] It’s the time of the year to let the hate FLOW through you.

[11:33] Stop ranking rivalries!

[15:40] 5 rivalries that are built or pure hatred.

[28:20] Brandon and Kayce both talk about their rivals: Ole Miss and Texas.

[34:16] OSU – Michigan. Do the Wolverines have a shot?

[39:50] Auburn – Alabama. What does Alabama have to do to sneak into the playoff?

[46:00] A&M – LSU. Good luck, Kayce.

[49:45] Oklahoma – Oklahoma State.

[50:55] Minnesota – Wisconsin.

[53:30] Memphis – Cincinnati.

[56:05] Under the radar games!


[1:03:00] VT – UVA, Louisville – Kentucky, Nebraska – Iowa, South Carolina – Clemson

[1:11:15] Listeners reasons why they hate their rival.

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