Hard Factor 11/26: Breaking Down Some Uncomfortable Thanksgiving Scenarios With Family, A Castle Jewelry Heist, Bill Cosby Still Has No Remorse & Bee Bee Guns Are Still Dangerous

Should You Smoke That Joint With Your Nephew On Thanksgiving?  We Break Down That And Other Scenarios For Thanksgiving Dinner

Man serving Thanksgiving turkey to family and friends at dinner table

On today’s episode…..We go through some classic Thanksgiving family scenarios and let you know how we might handle them, and how you probably should handle them.  EX Do you smoke a joint with your nephew??


– Bee bee guns are still putting kids eyes out at an alarming rate

– A daring heist took place at a Castle Vault in Germany

– Trump was showing off Conan the War Hero pooch during his Turkey pardon

– Impeachment update

– A man who tried to smuggle drugs inside a frozen goat carcass

– Bill Cosby still has no remorse for raping women

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