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I Had Stone Cold Steve Austin In My Mom's Basement This Week

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s brand new longform interview show – The Broken Skull Sessions – debuts TONIGHT immediately following Survivor Series on the WWE Network, and his first guest will be none other than The Undertaker (doing his first sitdown of this kind in his entire career). I can’t wait. I caaaaan’t friggin wait.

I’m legitimately more excited to hear The Undertaker talk about wrestling with Steve Austin out-of-character than I am for anything else tonight…except Rone’s Rap Battle, of course…and I had the opportunity for a 15-minute phoner with Austin to speak about the show this week! Obviously I wish we could’ve had more time, but for what we had, I really think we made the best of it and I got some great intel on the business outta Austin. It was awesome. There’s probably nobody else I’d rather hear talk about wrestling out there. Maybe Bryan, or Michaels, but those would be the ones.

Please enjoy this short little convo with The Texas Rattlesnake! Should serve as a great buffer during this 6 hour Survivor Series show!