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Week 13 Preview + The Hate Machine Is Unleashed

Week 13 is here, folks!

We had quite an episode today. Everything from the biggest games of the week, the headlines across the country, who we hate, Brandon shaming my trip to the doctor and much more. We also handed out WAYYY too early awards and discussed who we think the coach of the year should be.

Plus, the biggest game of the week BY FAR is Penn State/Ohio State. It’s a noon kick and both College Gameday and Fox’s Morning Show will be there. Spoiler: the Buckeyes are doing something that I’m a big fan of.

Petty, like you read about.

Also don’t forget that we put out a bonus episode n Tuesday talking ALL your calls and interacting with your takes. Too much fun. Thanks again for everybody who called in.

New episodes come out every Monday and Thursday. Don’t forget the Barstool College Football Show is at 10 am every Saturday.


[0:00] Intro

[7:30] College Football Playoff rankings reaction. Is Alabama still alive or are they just a placeholder?

[16:45] It’s time to stop acting like Tua Tagovailoa died.

[23:55] Baylor made a mistake, one that may have cursed them for years to come!

[25:10] Sean Clifford deleted his social media after death threats from Penn State fans after the loss to Minnesota. Grow up, Happy Valley!

[28:45] What the hell is going on at South Carolina right now?

[36:45] Ohio State fans plan to boycott GameDay?

[38:20] Penn State – Ohio State preview.

[44:25] Georgia – Texas A&M preview.

[47:00] Brandon teaches Kayce how to HATE.

[53:00] Tentative end of the season awards.

[1:07:00] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush