Hard Factor 11/19: Iran Bans Internet Porn, 5 Year Old Says Cocaine Makes Him Feel Spider-Man, Joe Biden Hates Marijuana

On today’s episode…

Thicc Long News Buffet:

  • Iran took internet porn away from citizens as they are limiting internet
  • 5 year old brings cocaine to school and tells teachers it makes him feel like spider man

Turkish man's Spider-Man performance in Turkey's Antalya

  • Trump had an unannounced visit to Walter Reed hospital over the weekend
  • Joe Biden hates marijuana and thinks it’s a gateway drug
  • Fox submitted a trademark for “OK BOOMER” for new secret tv show
  • China sent their newest aircraft carrier to the South China Sea and warned the US to stop flexing their muscles
  • Vegan loser is suing Burger King for cooking their ‘Impossible Burgers’ on same grill as regular burgers
  • Chinese Man Contracts Bubonic Plague

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