Theater owner shuts down comedy show over jokes she didn't like, refunds four paying customers - Kirk Minihane Show

Courtney Pong, the owner of Rozzie Square Theater in Boston, put a halt to a comedy show Friday night over jokes she didn't find funny.

Universal Hub reports:

Courtney Pong, who owns the Rozzie Square Theater on Basile Street, where she runs improv and lets another group put on stand-up shows, said this morning that the comedian emceeing the 10 p.m. event got off to a bad start by trying to crack a joke about his "segregated" audience - there were two black men in the small crowd of about 17 people, all men.

Then, over the next 40 minutes or so, she said she cringe listened to a number of "this bitch" jokes and finally had enough when one guy told a joke about how he couldn't understand why Uber fired him for making women customers ride in the trunk.

That, she said, is when she realized, "wait a minute, I own this place." Sitting at the sound table at the back of the theater, she hit a button that rang a loud bell, walked to the front and announced the night was over and that she would give refunds to the four paying customers - the other 13 people in the room were friends of the performers.

"It's not OK, and it's not who we are," she told the audience.

On today's Kirk Minihane Show, Kirk invites Pong on to talk about where the line is in comedy and what other jokes might not be allowed at her club. She hasn't gotten back to us yet… On the other side of the spectrum, Charlie's Angels flopped this weekend, leaving Kirk wondering when Hollywood will figure out that we don't want "woke" reboots of classic movies. Also, the First Annual Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition is a lock: the Minifans are headed to Madawaska, Maine.