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The Chicago Bears Are Dead

The Chicago Bears are dead if you haven’t noticed and that’s the basis of today’s recap show. Of course that’s the case. If you know anything about Chicago, you know this place revolves around the Bears and they suck ass. And in large part it’s because of Mitch not being the guy. Is he awful? Maybe not. Is he good enough to win football games? Absolutely and that’s probably the worst part:

We’re talking about the 2nd overall pick in a fucking draft. Eddie makes the point this week that really hits home for me – you expect the 2nd overall pick to impact the franchise throughout their career. You don’t make that pick thinking you’re arguing about their servicability in 3 years. That’s downright fucking pathetic.

And while on topic of downright pathetic, how about Nagy just lying to everyone’s face at the podium last night?

That’s weird because it’s not true.

Instead, it sounds like a guy trying to distance himself from another guy. Sounds like a guy who would be a lot better if he just got his way from his players – even though by definition, his job is to technically get his way from his players. So you could argue that Nagy’s OWN argument against his team is the exact argument that has me concluding why he sucks: the players aren’t good enough that’s your fault pal. It’s the goddamn NFL. The difference between one guy and the next is knowing what to do and last time I checked that’s on Nagy.


Still doesn’t make looking at this picture any easier.

Mitch may not be that 7th alternate Pro Bowl caliber quarterback we all thought he’d be. Maybe he’s bottom third and that’s all we get. Idk exactly yet because we still got time. But for now I think we can all agree that when Matt Nagy is calling Pistol Option Left to the short side of the field, Mitch is getting left out to dry.

That’s not up for debate and neither is video for being the most infuriating piece of social media content I’ve ever consumed.