Hard Factor 11/18: Real Life "Breaking Bad" Scenario In Arkansas, A Louisiana Man With A Fetish For Having His Diaper Changed, & Is Weed Getting Close to Being Legalized?

Two Arkansas Chemistry Professors “Broke Bad” At Henderson State University

 Blue Meth

On today’s episode…..Two chemistry professors at Henderson State University decided to make some meth in the schools chemistry lab while students were on recess, and they are now in deep shit.

Other stories in the News Buffet

- Hong Kong Protests still raging, and police are about to start shooting protestors with real bullets

- Impeachment update along with some betting advice

- A Louisiana man whose fetish was being changed like a baby was found to be a fraud, and was in fact not his mentally disabled

- Venice is still under water, but it’s a little too much water, and much of the city is shut down

- Disney Plus is awesome, and if you are a Verizon customer you get one year for free

- Some good news for Cannabis lovers.  Are we inching closer to legalization?

- The story of three drunk Indiana Judges, a strip club, a White Castle, and a shooting

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