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ZBT #217: Stolen Dog Tags Make Terrible Christmas Gifts featuring WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley

ROUND 1: An Air Force veteran – turned US Airways pilot – spent several days in a Denver jail following a nuuude phone call, and now the city owes him big time.

ROUND 2: We’re fast approaching peak holiday shopping season so word of warning… don’t be like the Virginia National Guardsman who got caught stealing WWII dog tags from the National Archives as a gift for his wife’s grandma.

ROUND 3: Big science coming down the pipe: A new study is out on global warming’s effect on military bases, and we’ll tell you how that could affect your butthole.

ROUND 4: Two Coast Guard pilots just received Distinguished Flying Crosses for their incredible actions during Hurricane Harvey, and they used a classic military loophole to get themselves into that heroic situation in the first place.

Round 5: I got to sit down with WWE Superstar and former Soldier Bobby Lashley. Bobby was a soldier who got injured during a bank robbery. He tells the story that led him from the Army to the WWE.