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Hard Factor 11/14: Large Joins Us For The "Progress Corner", Apple Store "Genius" Texts Himself Woman's Private Photos, &

This “Large” Man Joins Us For The “Progress Corner”


On todays episode…..Large joins us for the “Progress Corner” to discuss the trash bag pee kid, Barstool Breakfasts’ appearance on Dr. Oz where Dr. Oz fat shames Large and Willie and Asks The Question “Would you rather get homeless diarrhea dumped on your tomorrow, or be the 8 year old kid forced to piss in a trash can in front of the class and then wear a trash bag?”

News Buffet:

- An Apple Tech “Genius” texts himself a woman’s racy photo from her phone

- Mark goes “Into The Wild” with some great animal stories

- An Impeachment update

- And some old liquor is discovered in a shipwreck…. did they drink it?

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