A Man Who Just Got His Dick Waxed On Live Radio Talks Hymens, T.I., What To Do After You Get Engaged, And Kamala Harris' Proposal To Make The School Day 8-6

How’s that for a fucking headline, huh? Clemmy Pageviews is in the building.

You know who else is in the building this week? Our pal Chapsy. The Uncle is back in New York to pay up his debt for his beloved cheatin’ Astros losing the World Series. So he cam by to drop some follicles as well as some knowledge about T.I. visiting the gyno to make sure his daughter’s hymen is still in tact, Kamala Harris’ ‘contorversial’ initiative to extend the school day to 8-6, what to do after you get engaged, and much more.

*For the record, I’m not sure if Chaps actually got his penis waxed. But if you’d like to know,
make sure to ask him by tweeting @UncleChaps.

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