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Minihane's Crooked Prayer Vigil, Mama Geary's Touch, and Maine's Next Bed and Breakfast - The Kirk Minihane Show

On today's Kirk Minihane Show, Minihane recaps a wild start to the week in the world of Minifan content. Dave Cullinane, former producer turned interim producer turned non-productive sales director, is now hosting -- yes, hosting -- his own Minifan show, dubbed Great Thinkers. So far the comedic value has been great… for Blind Mike.

Minihane deals with allegations from disgruntled Mincels that the prayer vigil was a corrupt enterprise. He finally gets around to the cancel culture's latest victim: Don Cherry.  The show wonders whether the list of things public figures can't say will continue growing forever. Despite the insistence of some Barstool personalities that cancel culture doesn't exist, people keep getting cancelled.

After Minihane admits he's always dreamed of owning a classy cinema, he discovers that his producer wants to run a bed & breakfast, while Blind Mike has always seen himself as a wise old barkeep. The fan parody songs are coming in faster than we can play, but the star today is Mama Geary's Touch, which somehow manages to mock Mike's blindness, his grandmother's cancer diagnosis, and his mother's near-brush with death at the Las Vegas shooting. Hopefully this won't cloud his mind as Mike prepares his sports betting picks for tomorrow.