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Hard Factor 11/13: Cop Dances Naked in Nightclub, Homeless Man Pours Hot Diarrhea on Woman, Ugandan Chimps Ripping Children's Limbs Off

On today’s episode…

Listener Submitted Wednesday

  • ‘Project Nightingale’ is a secret Google and Ascension big data HIPAA violation if it’s true
  • Arkansas cop suspended for dancing completely nude in night club

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 11.11.30 PM

  • Catholic priest assaults masseuse on Carnival cruise, expecting to get happy ending
  • LA homeless man dumps bucket of hot diarrhea on woman
  • Ugandan chimps are literally ripping humans apart
  • Toms River NJ is getting overrun by wild turkeys
  • Pit-bull stolen from owner at gunpoint
  • 89 year old Clint Eastwood refused to evacuate Warner Bros studio during wild fires

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