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ZBT #216: Veterans Day Special featuring Tim Kennedy

Round 1: It’s the day after veterans day so we are gonna focus on a civilian warrior whose act of bravery knows no bounds. It turns out having fake battle axes doesn’t make you a nerd. It makes you force to be reckoned with.

Round 2: Undersea explorers participating in “The Lost 52 Project” are on a mission to find the wreckage of every American Submarine lost in WWII, and they just made a huge find off the coast of Okinawa.

Round 3: Green Beret and MMA fighter Tim Kennedy joins the show to talk about ABS & LAT MUSCLES & BEING A HARDCORE SKULL CRUSHING MACHINE

Round 4: We asked all of you what some of your favorite things about your military service were and the responses we got were beaauuuttiiiifuuullll, so we will go over those and talk about our own.