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Blind Mike Wants to Fight Dave Portnoy in Rough N' Rowdy - Kirk Minihane Show

In case you missed it, Dave Portnoy clawed a hole in Blind Mike's stomach, ripped out his intestines, and forced him to eat them on Friday's episode of Barstool Radio. The merciless rhetorical beating came after Mike chirped Tommy Smokes on Twitter, but sources say Portnoy's hatred of Mike has been boiling for years. The on-air evisceration ended with Portnoy declaring that he would fight Mike in Rough N' Rowdy if they could overcome the legal and medical obstacles that come up when the Barstool founder is punching a disabled man in the face. On today's Kirk Minihane Show, Mike made it clear he is willing to fight Portnoy -- and thinks he could win. He'll sign medical releases or whatever paperwork he needs to. Further, if Mike isn't allowed to fight, he'll consider it discrimination against the blind.