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Get Ready For The Fightin Illini vs Arizona This Weekend With Redline Radio's Interview Of Head Coach Brad Underwood

College Basketball is back and so are the Illini. Carl is going to blog, tweet, and yell about the Illini all year long. He’s an alum. His entire family went there. You drive up to his parent’s house on the South Side and they’ve got the big block I flag flying. There’s no question about the passion. Me…I just like when Illinois is good. It’s fun in Chicago and the state when Illinois athletics are going and for the first time in a long time it feels like the State can responsibly get hyped up about Illinois hoops.

If you listen to the Brad Underwood interview which starts at the 51:20 mark of the podcast you’ll get on board REAL fast. Why…because Brad Underwood told you to god damn it. I love the dude. I don’t know anything about him but he looks like the bad ass Irish guy who they run for Sheriff in “Gangs Of New York”

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 13 Big Ten Conference Tournament - Northwestern v Illinois


Underwood is a direct decendent of Walter Monk McGinn and he looks like he’s ready to bash the brains in of the rest of the Big10. I can’t wait. Illinois on the road back to the tournament starts vs Arizona this weekend. The way it should. Run the tape