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ZBT #215: Please RSVP To The Veteran's Day Party At The Sausage Castle

ROUND 1: Brett Michaels, lead singer of the band Poison and star of the VH1 show ‘Rock of Love’, has gone on the record to thank the troops… for “allowing him to dress the way he does every day”. (Billboard)

ROUND 2: An Army Intel Battalion became a laughing stock on social media this week for showing the opposite of intelligence with a shady cell phone app.

ROUND 3: Kate interviews Marine Corps veteran Erin Kirk-Cuomo about this year’s 8-minute long Birthday Ball video which caused a stir for having only 6 seconds total of women represented in it.

ROUND 4: A former college basketball player turned porn-star is throwing a Veterans Day party at his “Sausage Castle” in Florida that promises veterans a night of free haircuts, BBQ and Blow Jobs! If you do plan on going please make sure your genitals are clean & trimmed within regs.

ROUND 5: The owners of an AirBnB watched in real time as hammered Marines in Dress Blues flooded their home

Bonus Round: Video of the Pendleton human trafficking arrests has surfaced and it lived up to the hype.