Hard Factor 11/7: Shocking Election Results, Two Nuns Get Knocked Up In Africa While On A Missionary Trip & Find The G Spot In Lithuania's Capital!!

A Couple Of Nuns Got Knocked Up In Africa… While On A Missionary Trip.  Whoopsie!

Portrait Of Serious Nuns Praying Against Colored Background

On today’s show….We have some important and surprising election results.  Could they be foreshadowing the impending election to come, and perhaps death for Republicans?

Also, we throw a man in India into the “Soft Corner” because he was feeding people religious meals laced with cyanide, while telling them the meal would bring them good luck…10 people are dead.

News Buffet:

– Kamala Harris wants to extend CA school days by 3 HOURS!!

– Two nuns get knocked up while on a missionary trip to Africa

– University of Alaska Anchorage students can donate PB&J to get out of parking tickets

– Lithuania’s capital wants you to come find its G SPOT

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