Antivaxxers Spiking Halloween Candy With Chicken Pox, Who Should Be Punished For The Shove Heard Round The World, And The Podfathers Share Their O-Sounds

As is sometimes the case in the Podfathers Universe, all three of us had a crazy week, which caused the podcast to be recorded on Skype and things went off the rails. As the parental authorities at Barstool, we break down one of our own being involved the Shove Heard ‘Round The World and how that behavior would hold up at home. We also talk about our Halloweens, discuss (possible #fake) news of antivaxxers handing out lollipops being infected with chicken pox in Austrlia, the ridiculousness of chicken pox parties, share the sounds we make when we orgasm, and yeah that’s about enough for this blog. Listen above, subscribe below.