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Hard Factor 11/6: The Cartel Are Dickheads, Flip Flop Pro Quo, and Smog City

On today’s episode…

The Cartel Went Extra Cartel

The Mexican Cartel killed murdered a bunch of US Mormon women and children in a disgusting act.  Nothing good to say about this one.  Hopefully some of them will be brought to justice

We Got a Flip Flop Pro Quo

Ambassador to the European Union Sondland amended his previous testimony, all of a sudden remembering there was quid pro quo in the Trump Ukraine deal.  A lot more people might be remembering, but it probably won’t make a difference.

News Buffet

  • The Trump administration is formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Leaked footage came out where an ABC anchor claims in 2015 that the Royal Family of England pressured ABC to kill a story about Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein and sexually assaulting underage girls
  • AT&T was only charged 60 million for throttling and T-Mobile and Sprint are teaming up to take away the only remaining affordable options for cell phone service
  • Seasonal smog is so bad in New Delhi Smog that schools and plane flights are currently shut down

Winds Bring Little Respite From Air Pollution In Delhi NCR

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