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Feitelberg was so terrified of Kirk Minihane he ruined his entire weekend

Feitelberg was so terrified of Kirk Minihane that he spent all weekend in a deep depression nervously wondering how Minihane was going to ruin his life.

"I was convinced that what they were going to do on the Minihane show was they were going to try and get me cancelled to prove a point," Feitelberg said on KFC Radio yesterday.

First, that's fucking insane. Anyone who listened to the show yesterday knows that's not what happened. Instead, Feitelberg immediately changed his mind and admitted Blind Mike was right about cancel culture. Then we spent the rest of the interview shooting the shit about Barstool and Answer the Internet and Spencer's Gifts. Minihane loves KFC and, admittedly to a lesser extent, Feitelberg. But if Feitelberg spent the entire weekend freaking out about a casual conversation with Minihane, we can only imagine what kind of dark skeletons he has in his closet.

Also on today's show: We deal with a certain musical performer who botched her prayer vigil performance, Minihane's offer to join Bob Murchison to raise gobs of money for charity has gone unanswered, we read all the FCC complaints ever submitted about Minihane, Scorcese explains his critique of Marvel movies, and Tom Brady didn't say the n-word but that's not going to stop the Boston Globe from pretending like he did.