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Rey Mysterio & Cain Velasquez Join Me In The Basement This Week!

My pal Cain Velasquez returned to Barstool HQ just a few weeks after dropping by for the first time, now in a COMPLETELY different position/company from where he was, and he brought along the one and only REY MYSTERIO for backup!

If you’re a From The Top Rope listener, or just someone who’s paid attention to my wrestling takes over the years, you know that this was a HUUUUUUGE deal for me. Rey Mysterio is legit a top three favorite wrestler of all time in my book. It’s Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio.

Soooooooo yeah – this interview is basically 30 minutes of me geeking out as much as possible about how amazing Rey is, and trying to be as respectful as possible to Cain while he sat there in silence…nahhh – I kid, I kid. We spread the love around and had an enjoyable chat among the three of us.

I’d love to get your feedback on this episode (and the new career retrospective segment) so make sure ya hit me up on Twitter when you’re done listening!