Minihane names designated survivor for prayer vigil, wedding - Kirk Minihane Show

Kirk Minihane has named the designated survivor for his prayer vigil on Saturday. Rich Kelleher, the controversial red-headed step child of the Minifan World, will not be allowed to attend and will instead remain offsite in an undisclosed location to carry on the Minifan legacy should disaster strike. A bride and groom have step forward to have a legitimate, official, legal marriage ceremony conducted during the vigil. Acclaimed artist Linda Marks will be performing her hit single, "Heroes," a tribute to David Ortiz. With no exaggeration, Saturday's event is shaping up to be the biggest and best thing that has ever happened in Sherborn, MA. Also today: The crew takes a crack at the remaining states on Minihane's birthday mission to prank call a radio show in all 50 states. Hilarity ensues.