Hard Factor 10/28: The Leader Of ISIS is DEAD, Former Congresswoman Katie HIll's Dirty Secrets, & The News Buffet

This is Former Congresswoman Katie Hill & She Has Some Sultry Secrets

Democrat Lawmakers Hold Press Conference Calling On Trump Administration To End Assault On Health Care

On Today’s Episode….

– We got the leader of ISIS, who cares what his name was, he is DEAD!!

– Congresswoman Katie Hill resigns for trying to bang her way to the top of politics

– A man whose body was literally brewing beer inside him

– Guiliani butt dials a NBC reporter, and this isn’t the first time he has “accidentally” done this

– A Chinese business man hired a hitman to kill a competition and the hit got passed down to four more hitmen

– A circus bear attacks its handler in Russia

– An update on the 39 people who were discovered in the truck container in England

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